“Very few people realize how important the digital infrastructure is for the Netherlands and its economy.”

Our CEO, Martijn Niessen, was recently interviewed by DINL or Digital Infrastructure Association in the Netherlands, an organization that connects providers of digital infrastructure in the Netherlands. DINL acts as a mouthpiece for the sector and is committed to furthering the development of reliable digital infrastructure, as this is one of the growing sectors within the Dutch economy.
Throughout the interview, Martijn talks about the importance of digital infrastructure within the Dutch economy and the future challenges that come with the expansion of data centers and their energy consumption. He also comments on the importance of maintaining the scalability of the Dutch digital infrastructure and its impact on the economy. DINL’s Managing Director, Michiel Steltman, ends the article by sharing his remarks on DINL’s partnership with Ynvolve and our role within the industry. Read the interview below.

We have translated the original interview into different languages. To read the full interview in Dutch, French, Spanish or Czech visit the links.

“Very few people realize how important the digital infrastructure is for the Netherlands and its economy.”

Ynvolve, founded in 2006 by CEO Martijn Niessen, is a hybrid system integrator focusing on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in Europe. It provides services and products to help MSPs by optimizing their data center infrastructure stacks. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Niessen understands the importance that the digital infrastructure holds in the Dutch economy. Hence, he decided to partner with the Digital Infrastructure Association in the Netherlands (DINL), a coalition of organizations that focus on building a strong digital infrastructure to boost the Dutch economy.
“As a hybrid system integrator, we not only serve well-known companies such as GoDaddy and SolarWinds but also many small to medium-sized European MSPs. These companies offer various niche services to their customers and our mission is to help them by optimizing their data center infrastructure,” says Martijn Niessen, CEO of Ynvolve. “To do this, we not only focus on standardizing the infrastructure, but we also look at how we can improve the performance of their infrastructure environment. By combining various technology generations, Ynvolve can save its customers up to 50 percent on infrastructure spending while realizing significant platform optimization levels. We operate from two offices, one in the Netherlands and one in the Czech Republic.”

Digital infrastructure
“If we look at the Dutch digital infrastructure, we have a relative advantage over other countries around us. We have the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) and subsea internet cables, which give us a great advantage when it comes to developing a complete digital infrastructure. When I look at the current number of data centers in the Netherlands, I see a challenge for the future, especially around spatial planning in combination with the total grid load. Data centers use a lot of electricity, which can cause grid load conflicts in highly populated areas. The scalability of our digital infrastructure must be maintained, so proper planning is absolutely required. We are not too late yet, but it is time to act. I think very few people realize how important the digital infrastructure is for the Netherlands and its economy,” comments Martijn Niessen.
Ynvolve has been actively cooperating with DINL for several years. Niessen believes that DINL’s actions to bring the importance of the digital infrastructure to the attention of politicians are essential. “As mentioned before, our digital infrastructure plays an important role in the economic development of the Netherlands. This development is vital for both companies and individuals. Its development has and will continue to have a positive impact on employment and digital accessibility for companies. Data centers are more than consumers of energy. They, directly and indirectly, generate economic activity. We must be prepared for a future in the ICT field by sharing knowledge and highlighting these kinds of topics. DINL is constantly contributing to the development of the Netherlands as a digital economy.”

“At DINL we are very happy with Ynvolve as a partner. Ynvolve has extensive knowledge about data center and cloud technology and is one of the leading suppliers in this industry. Through its hands-on experience, Ynvolve is aware of the great importance of digital infrastructure and understands what needs to happen for the Netherlands to play a defining long-term role in this sector. Their know-how and dedication make Ynvolve a very valuable sparring partner, explains Michiel Steltman, Managing Director of DINL.