Exploring IT infrastructure options – Interview with Thanh Le


Thanh Le, Ynvolve’s MSP Sales Team Lead, shared with us the development of his day-to-day throughout his time at Ynvolve. The Nijmegen native shared his insights on the most important assets to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with clients. As part of the Ynvolve sales team, he spends most of his time solving his client’s IT infrastructure challenges, monitoring the market, learning about new industry trends and building proof of concept servers in the warehouse.

Thanh, thank you for joining us for this spotlight interview. Can you tell us about your position within the Ynvolve Sales department?

My position within the company has changed over the years. Nine years ago, I started on the sales floor mainly trading Sun MicroSystems equipment. However, as you may know, the industry evolves rapidly and soon I found myself shifting focus to Dell Enterprise equipment. At that time, my team and I started concentrating our efforts on building relationships with specific vendors and changed our strategy to approach more end-users. Throughout the years, we went from only selling hardware to adding an array of services such as onsite installations, global logistics services and multi-vendor hardware support. 
My day-to-day now is completely different from what it was back in 2011. Today, I spend most of my time talking to our customers, understanding their needs and helping them solve their hardware challenges. Those challenges could be anything from advising them on cost-effective alternatives on equipment to providing them with parts and complete servers to fulfill their requests.

Did you have a keen interest in IT when you joined the company nine years ago?
Absolutely! I’ve always been interested in technological advances and gadgets. Although I was not directly involved in the IT industry prior to joining Ynvolve, I was always searching for new trends and learning about them during my free time. I think that my passion for IT was one of the main factors that drove me to join the company in the first place. Ynvolve gave me the opportunity to merge two passions, that of selling and that of learning.

Before you joined Ynvolve, you already knew the IT industry. Do you consider that there are still things you can learn?

Yes, it is true that I had knowledge in the industry but as I mentioned before, this industry is constantly changing. At the beginning of my career, my knowledge was focused on the product line that I was trading. However, in my experience, if you want to provide the best advice to your clients, it is really important to go above and beyond and get familiarized with the industry as a whole. For instance, as a sales rep, you should know what kind of products are available out there and be informed about changes in market prices and trends. In my opinion, this is the only way you can become a true asset to your client. Even today, I spend my time reading and learning about new technologies that come out and use that knowledge to benefit my customers.
What do you think your clients appreciate most about your team and the company?

I think that our greatest assets are our commitment, reliability, outside of the box mentality and extensive knowledge of the products in the market. These are very important components of building a strong and trustworthy relationship with our clients and subsequently, be able to efficiently solve their hardware needs. Recently, we received an urgent request from a company, who was referred to by an old contact. They reached out to us on a Sunday evening because they urgently needed four servers as they had fallen victim to a ransomware hack. Their main suppliers could not or did not want to help them during the weekend and in such short notice.

Within 3.5 hours we were able to build and test four fully configured servers from stock and get them on site. My team and I personally delivered them to our new clients by midnight, helped them with the transition and answered any questions they had related to the transfer. Monday morning, the company was confidently using the new servers to keep their operations running. One thing I reiterate to my clients is that we are always here for them. No matter how big or small, our team is ready to deliver results to solve any IT infrastructure challenges. 

Thanh, thank you again for your time. Is there any advice you would give other sales reps?

Yes, I think the most important step when helping a client is to listen to their challenges and the experience they have had with their current hardware. It is imperative to understand their short-term and long-term goals when it comes to upgrading or maintaining their IT infrastructure. For a sales rep, it is important to know the client’s intent when they purchase new or refurbished hardware and to take into account future plans. I find that this is the best way to help them solve their IT challenges and fulfill their needs.