Professional Services – an Ynvolve case study

A financial service provider with headquarters in The Netherlands offers its customers products and services from insurance and pensions to financial advice. They have a presence in 19 countries across Europe and Asia and serve more than 6 million businesses and individuals.

Scope: Decommissioning of more than 160 racks, drive shredding of more than 6,000 drives, and data destruction on site over two weeks.

As a current customer of Ynvolve, in the areas of maintenance, BBaaS®, and professional services, this financial entity contacted their account manager back in July 2020 to coordinate the decommissioning of their four-story data center in December 2020.

The project manager and lead technician in charge of the project started by conducting a detailed site survey and inventorying all the assets that had to be destroyed or decommissioned. Afterwards, they crafted a game plan to conduct the decommissioning, drive shredding and data destruction of 160 racks and over 6,000 drives. Six of our engineers and technicians were on site for 10 business days and handled the project as well as coordinated all the logistics with our transport partner.

They started by taking out the drives from all the equipment and proceeded to shred them on site. Meanwhile, two team members recorded all the serial numbers and palleted all the remaining systems from the racks. Our team scheduled and coordinated several pick-ups during those two weeks.

Throughout the packing stage, extra plates and materials were needed to transport the remaining equip- ment safely. Our technicians and transport partner quickly resolved the logistical challenges within the client’s timeline. The team finished the project by cleaning the data center following the requirements stated by the financial service provider.