Gérald Dulac featured in “The Franco-Dutch Chronicles”

Recently, our General Manager Gérald Dulac, was interviewed by the French Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands’ podcast, the Franco-Dutch Chronicles. Throughout the episode, they discuss management, leadership, and diversity in multicultural companies. Gerald explains how communication is at the heart of his management style and how diversity is the key to the development of the company. Currently, Ynvolve’s team is comprised of 75 employees with 25 different nationalities.

The episode was originally released on July 5th, 2021, and it’s 46 minutes long. Find the original French recording here:

Episode 5: Meeting with Gérald Dulac

The French Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands started this podcast as way to provide insights to the Franco-Dutch business community in a period where face-to-face events, meetings and networking events are not possible.

About the French Chamber of commerce in the Netherlands

The French Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands was founded in 1979. Their mission is to promote trade and reinforce business relationships between France and the Netherlands. They provide customized services to help companies, both in France and in the Netherlands, develop their business initiatives.