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speedy delivery on customized solutions

Whether you’re developing a new application, your current servers are temporarily down, or you need short-term capacity due to long lead times, our IT rental team can help.

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Our warehouse is stocked with more than 50,000 thoroughly tested parts from leading brands. Our leasing contracts have a minimum length of 6 months, while our IT rental agreements are fully flexible and configured to your project’s requirements.

why us?

IT multivendor
generation agnostic

we shift between technology generations and brands to optimize cost, performance, and lifecycle management

professional services

our team provide the additional services needed to install and maintain your equipment, regardless of the brand


it’s our mission to find the perfect balance between cost and performance for your business needs

case studies


IT infrastructure

Hear about, a VPS hosting company that offers its customers the best and fastest NVMe VPS with the best I/O performance in 16 locations worldwide.

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Professional Services

Hear about a global software company that provides MSPs with a holistic, purpose-built platform to help them monitor, manage, and secure their client’s networks.

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IT hands on site

Hear about a global cybersecurity consultancy firm that specializes in preventing and combating data breaches and cyber-attacks for organizations.

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