BuyBack as a Service (BBaaS®)

Leverage your excess assets

BuyBack as a Service (BBaaS®) is a recently trademarked acronym by Ynvolve in Europe. The customized program targets the reuse or refurbishment of servers, storage and networking equipment to help our clients reach their ROI and sustainability objectives.

BBaaS®, our global offer

Where possible we reuse equipment and recycle what remains. We offer the service of globally outsourcing your obsolete infrastructure to Ynvolve, allowing us to use our market expertise for your benefit through a centralized process.

BBaaS® process

Ynvolve puts value on equipment that would otherwise be obsolete to your needs. This includes equipment from all major OEMs. This offering covers more than 110 countries.

Included in our BBaaS® offering is the coverage of all logistics in addition to any required professional services such as certified data erasure (onsite or in-house) and recycling, consolidation, decommissioning, and packaging.

BBaaS® benefits

Regardless of the size of your IT infrastructure you stand to make a financial gain by getting a better ROI through the use of our global BBaaS® offering. Additionally, through the reuse or refurbishment of your obsolete IT infrastructure, this program reduces your company’s global carbon footprint.


Looking for more information about BBaaS?

  Patrick Greenfield
Global Strategic Buyer
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