Ynvolve: The Movie

February 6, 2020

What do a fast-food connoisseur, a hip-hop fan, a shoe addict, a polyglot, and a poker shark have in common?  

The Ynvolve movie, a project created in collaboration with a production agency, was released this past week through our LinkedIn page to showcase our people and the importance of our company culture.

Our people are the ones that make a difference every day at the office and we are proud to have such a talented group of individuals in our team. As our CEO, Martijn Niessen, states “It’s not what we do that matters, it’s who does it and why we do it.”

Throughout the video, our colleagues share their experiences at Ynvolve while taking the viewer on a journey around our newly expanded facilities. This movie was created to give our future colleagues and customers an insight into our culture.

The Ynvolve movie started its production in the second half of 2019 and can be found on our social channels and throughout our website. Curious about the movie? Take a look!